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How Can Your Small Business Deliver Real Value to Consumers? [Infographic]

consumer_value_qualityThere’s a great deal of talk in business and marketing about ‘value for money’ and ‘value add’, but what does ‘value’ actually mean when it comes to your small business and its customers?

Value is a subjective choice that your customer makes, based on how they think or feel your product or service is going to be of benefit; a consumer will often make a series of conscious and subconscious choices about whether what you offer is right for them.… Read more…

Compare Online Accounting & Finance Apps for Small Businesses & Freelancers [Infographic]

Small Business Accounting SoftwareIf you’re running a small business, then a central part of keeping your business healthy is making sure that your finances are in order. This means that you need to keep close control of your cashflow and bank balance, understand who owes you what and in turn what you owe to other people.

Fortunately, there are some excellent online accounting applications and cloud software that can make your small business accounting much easier, saving you time, money and anxiety.… Read more…

Stay sane and reduce stress running your small business – Nine ways to get effective boundaries in place

small_business_sanity_boundariesRunning a small business can be an incredibly stressful experience, but there are several simple steps that you can take right now to stay sane and on top of things. In this series of articles, we’ll explore techniques to help you achieve a good work / life balance, keep your peace of mind and maintain a healthy perspective on both your business and personal life.… Read more…

Helpful Introductory Guides for Small Businesses

Small Business GuidesOur aim is to give you access to helpful and interesting guides and articles that save you time, money and effort in business. We’ve produced a number of introductory guides to different types of software and other parts of doing business and for your convenience we’ve collected links to these articles together below.

We’re always happy to produce more guides and articles based on your needs, so if there’s an area that you’d like to see covered, just let us know in the comments.… Read more…

Use Customer Problems To Benefit Your Business – Part 4

Customer Problems & Solutions - Your Small BusinessIn our previous articles we’ve explored moments of truth, how customers can self diagnose and the importance of fixing problems quickly and good communication. In this article, we’ll bring all of this together and share a real-life case study of great customer service in action.

Solving problems quickly and effectively really works in driving more business your way and will enhance your offerings and your reputation.… Read more…

Use Customer Problems To Benefit Your Business – Part 3

Fix Your Customer's Problems & Communicate With ThemIn the first two articles in this series we explored the importance of moments of truth and how you can set things up to make it easier for your customers to learn about and solve their issues.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of fixing problems quickly, keeping lines of communication open and learning from your mistakes.

This will all help to build trust in your business, establish a good relationship with your audience and encourage repeat custom.… Read more…